Finlayson to Jocelyn and return (Ridge Ramble)

January 21st, 2023

~ submitted by Matthew Lettington

We had a bleak forecast but I hoped the day would still be enjoyable. With the turnover to the new year, I’ve sought trips with a “good” amount of elevation and distance to get in shape for the spring and summer. I scoffed at the forecast – snow?! 

Seven of us left the parking lot shortly after 8 am to hit the first objective, Finlayson. I got a little off route, and while I planned to take the meandering back route, we took the more committing frontal assault. The damp conditions made for more drama than I had planned but we all made it to the top in one piece.

On the summit of Finlayson, I spotted a few raindrops that looked suspiciously white. Maybe the snow would find us after all! We didn’t dawdle on the summit and soon dropped down the other side. Down the mountain through the trails, along the road and up into the hills that make up Holmes Peak and eventually Jocelyn Hill.  

The closer we got to Jocelyn Hill the worse the views got! By the time we reached our destination, our halfway point for the day, we were completely socked in and proper snow was falling. Most of us shared the same sentiment, better snow than rain. With the ground so wet the flakes melted instantly, but the flakes rolled off our clothes keeping us dry.

The return trip felt quicker than the morning. We left the snow falling on Jocelyn Hill, and even though it rained quite a lot in Victoria, we hardly got wet. I suppose the trees caught most of the moisture. 

It was a lovely day. For all the clouds, we still caught some peekaboo views. I’ll have to do this one again. Third time is the charm for getting the view!

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