Seven Summits: Goldstream Park to Thetis Lake Park

April 29, 2023

~ submitted by Christine Hunter

After a quick car shuffle the 5 of us hit the trail up Mount Finlayson starting toward our first of seven summits. 

We hit the summit at 7:45 am and were soon heading down to tackle Holmes Peak, followed by Jocelyn hill. After a quick water refill we make the grind up Mount Work and headed towards Thetis Lake Regional Park. 

We sauntered our way up Mount Stewart followed by Scafe Hill and then towards Mount Seymour. We fell a bit short of the Seymour summit but settled for what we called six and a half of seven peaks.

A blue bird day with great company! 

4 parks visited, 6 1/2 summits, 34.5kms, 1684 m elevation gain, 5 smiling faces 

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