Mt Homes to Fork Lake

–submitted by Mary Hof

I led a hike from the trailhead of Mt. Holmes to Fork Lake, on the Gowlland Todd Provincial Park. It was 20km and 750m elevation gain. Hiked included the whole ridge, which gave outstanding views. We stopped at Jocelyn Hill, Squally Reach, and Mt. Work for longer breaks.

I had 13 people join 10 were Island Mountain Ramblers and three from the Outdoor Club of Victoria, and many belong to both clubs. The pace was good, all great hikers, we completed it in just over 6 hours. The car shuttle was arranged ahead of time by those living in the Victoria area, so at the end no one had to wait around. The weather was warm, but awesome, with a little breeze which made it nice. Thanks, Danial for carrying some extra water for me. The lighter my pack, the better my back is lol. The feet are another story.

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