Flower Ridge

August 9 – 11, 2023

~ submitted by Brian Fleming

Six Ramblers went exploring Flower Ridge on August 9th to the 11th.

We made our way up to the large tarn camp at approximately 9km.  The way up was uneventful except for two wasp stings on the same member.  

On the second day, the clouds had moved in.  They covered the peaks of the surrounding mountains but it kept the ridge hike a little cooler.  There were still plenty of views to be had.

We made our way further South and eventually made it to the Central Crags around lunchtime.  The trail near the end was a little rougher but still within our limits.  

Even with the cloud cover we could still see Green Lake and its glacier, the Mt Septimus hanging glacier and Cream Lake.

As we ate our lunch, more than one set of eyes was drawn North towards the ridge that could lead you to Henshaw Peak, Shepherd Horn, Shepherd Peak, Comox Glacier, Red Pillar and a lot more!

We made it back to camp and another group of Ramblers joined us at the tarns.  It was a much colder night.  The clouds were gone and there was a lot of condensation on our tents.

Before we left I’m sure we all took in the view of the surrounding mountains, now that they were free of clouds.  It was a great trip with some pretty great views!

33.5km, 2200m elevation gain.

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