Three Sooke Hills

June 5th, 2023

~ submitted by Matthew Lettington

After a few last-minute changes to the roster, Julianna teamed up with Matthew to lead this wander through Sooke.  The highlight was walking a few of the less-used trails in the region.  

Manuel Quimper was our first stop. We had some views of the surrounding park, just enough to look ahead to a few of the bumps we’d eventually get to. 

The forecast left us with questions, but on the whole it was warm enough to keep us happy. By the time we reached Thunderbird -lunch- we were well-warmed up and ready for a relaxing break. 

As we walked the route, we stopped to observe the bathhouse. It’s certainly had no new maintenance done in it.

Finally, where Matthew has done the route before, we returned via the Flowline. 

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