Flower Ridge to Central Craigs


I met the Ramblers group for 9am at the Flower Ridge trailhead. Our group of six set out just after 9am. We got to the ridge in about four hours and continued along for another hour or so to camp. It was windy on the ridge but the sun was out, so my gear finally had a chance to dry.

After a solid night’s sleep, we had a casual start to the day departing camp at 9am. Our goal for the day was Central Crags, the summit of this mountain is just over 1650 metres. We made our way along Flower Ridge gaining and losing elevation as we went. The ridge is wide and open offerings lots of different paths and perspectives along their way. The Septimus Rosseau massif started to come into view topped by a thick layer of cloud, but we caught great views of the hanging glacier and snow fields.

Near the end of the ridge, we start to turn east approaching the objective. Green Lake becomes visible down below, shimmering a deep bright blue color. We picked our way along the ridge through some mildly exposed sections before climbing to the top of Central Crags. It took us 3.5 hours from camp. We enjoy the summit and views while an eagle soars past. There is cell signal at the top, so I was able to send a quick photo out to Jessica.

Back along the ridge we go, it turned out to be able 7.5km each way. At camp we rest. I decided to jump in the tarn and get a refreshing dip in. We had a lovely evening with pleasant weather. The sunset was inspiring and some of the clouds lifted allowing for great views towards Septimus and Henshaw.

In the morning we made our way down from Flower Ridge. It took us 3 hours to return to the car.

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