Mount Mark (Horne Lake Hustle)

September 7, 2023

~ submitted by Mary Hof

After some late cancelation, we had 2 Ramblers and 1 guest. I learned from this hike you don’t want a whole lot of people as it takes time to go down the ropes without rocks flying on the person below.

It was an awesome hike, it rained the night before so the trail had moisture so one didn’t slip and slide. The clouds were coming in and out but we got some awesome views.

The hike has 10 rope sections which made it fun, we saw the wasp nest by rope two but made our way left of the nest. On the way down we ended on the no rope trail, and we decided to follow it a short way. We didn’t have a track and we noticed we were not going in the direction we wanted, and thought best we go back up and get on the trail we knew. One more reason to go back and do the no rope trail from the bottom.

We only saw one person the whole hike. The sad part was my pole broke in half. To much hiking I guess! Thanks for a lovely day gals, it was awesome. 5.5 hours from start to finish.

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