Gift Card Contest

The Island Mountain Ramblers are excited to announce that Atmosphere has generously donated some gift cards to the club! You know what that means: Contest time! Gift Card Contest

For each day you lead or co-lead an event you earn one ballot. Each ballot is an opportunity to win one of four Atmosphere gift cards. Winners will be drawn at random but the more you lead, the higher your odds of winning.


Dates: April 1st, 2018 through October 14th, 2018
What do you have to do: Lead an event! This includes BBQ, Climbing nights, workshops, slideshows, multi-day trips and day-hikes, etc.
How are ballots are calculated: For each event you host you earn 2 ballots; for each event you co-host you earn a single ballot.
How do I claim my ballots: after you lead a trip submit the list of participants via the trip reporting form.

1st Prize – $250 Gift Card from Atmosphere
2nd Prize – $100 Gift Card from Atmosphere
3rd Prize – $50 Gift Card from Atmosphere
4th Prize – $25 Gift Card from Atmosphere



Q: Why April 1, 2018? 
A: It seems like a reasonable date for the “regular” hiking season and it recognizes some of the work already done by trip leaders.
Q: How did you choose October 14th, 2018 as the end date?
A: The Island Mountain Ramblers’ Fall meeting is on the following weekend, October 21st. The winner will be announced at the meeting.
Q: Where did these gift cards come from?
A: Atmosphere donated the funds to help us promote leadership within the club.
Q Who will do the tracking?
A: Matthew.
Q If I lead a 5-day trip with no co-leader do I get 10 ballots?
A: Yes
Q If I lead a 10-day trip and have a co-leader I get 10 ballots? 
A: Yes
Q Matthew, won’t that model of calculating the winner mean that you have the greatest chance of winning? 
A: I’m excluded from the contest).