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Night Hike up Arrowsmith to watch the Persied Meteors

–Submitted by Beth Avis

4 of us set out Friday afternoon on our quest to watch the meteors from the summit of Mt. Arrowsmith. 2 other fellow ramblers were also planning to rally at the top with via the West Ridge. We chose the Judges Route.
After leaving a little later than expected, we decided to stop on the mountainside, about 3/4 of the way up on a good rock ledge. That became our camp for the night. I was able to connect with Clarke and co, who were coming up the other side, and they too decided not to summit as well. But all in all we got to see lots of meteors, a beautiful sunset and had a blast doing it!
We were back down by 830am for breakfast. It was a fun trip and look forward to next years shower!

awesome summer hiking aug 2016 117

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Nootka Island Trail Backpack – July 9-13, 2016


Maquinna Point

But most of all, humbling.

Yes, the Nootka Island Trail is all of these.

Isolated because it is an island off the north-west coast of Vancouver Island, accessible only by boat or float plane.

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A lovely overnigher on 5040

–submitted by Lisa Hanlon

Ladies hike! We had a lovely time. When we reached our camp spot at Cobalt lake, there was a mist over the mountains. However, when we woke in the morning to hike we had lovely views as the clouds moved amongst the mountains. Amazing views of Triple Peak! There was a bit of snow to traverse, a bit of scrambling to make it fun and challenging. Overall, a lovely hike!

5040 Vancouver Island and Island Mountain Ramblers

5040 Vancouver Island and Island Mountain Ramblers


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San Josef Bay to Lowrie Bay

Eden at Lowrie Bay 

An Island Mountain Ramblers’ Outing

The second San Jo beach on Friday morning, with rain threatening.


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Hiking to Lowrie Bay: How to Hike Down a Bog

The post Hiking to Lowrie Bay: How to Hike Down a Bog appeared first on Explorington.

Bucket lists are amazing–everybody should have one! They focus your intent, and provide measurable goals by which to evaluate success. On June 25, 2016, I checked off a long-standing item from my list: a trip to Lowrie Bay over Mount Saint Patrick. The trip exceeded my expectations in every way, but along the way I found myself asking, “What the heck am I doing here?!”

The light from our headlamps bobbed along the San Joseph Bay beach and danced across the crests of the rippled sand. It was midnight by the time the five Island Mountain Ramblers raced through the shadowy forms of the sea stacks, trying to beat the incoming tide around the headland. The waves lapped at our boots as we scurried between the rocky headland on our way to meet the final member of the group, Rishi, at San Joseph Bay’s Second Beach. Although I’m no stranger to starting hikes in the dark, normally it’s just before first light and not in the middle of the night. This was a special trip, and I could feel the adrenaline flowing as we walked–I was excited!

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The Wild Side Trail – Flores Island – June 10-12, 2016 – An Island Mountain Ramblers’ Outing

After a 1/2 hour water taxi ride from Tofino, we arrived at Flores Island. We then walked through the Ahousaht Indian Reserve to the first beach, where we had lunch.

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Hiking Fabulous Rees Ridge in Strathcona Park

Inhaling deeply, I hold my breath a long moment and then slowly exhale. I can hear my heart pounding in my ears, and feel it in my chest, as I release the shutter on my camera. It shudders as the frame is captured, preserving the moment. I’m high up on the summit of Mount Celeste, the highpoint on Rees Ridge, looking west over the mountain ridges and peaks that form the body of Strathcona Park. Behind me, the Aureole Icefield stretches the length of Rees Ridge. From my vantage point, I think about this place, its history, its visitors, and I reflect on its significance to me – the birthplace of my passion for mountaineering.

My introduction to mountaineering was not a trial by fire, but a trial by snow and ice. In July 2010, I joined the Island Mountain Ramblers and went on my first mountaineering adventure: a seven-day, ten-peak extravaganza through Strathcona Park. Although the trip included several ridge walks and a lot of traversing, the highlight was walking on one of Vancouver Island’s most precious mountain features: the Aureole Icefield on Rees Ridge. At a height of over 2000 metres, Rees Ridge gives access to some of the most outstanding views of Comox Glacier, Argus, Harmston, Tzela, Shepherds Ridge, Flower Ridge, Rousseau Ridge … if we were talking, I would be out of breath just listing them!

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Cape Scott Trip To The Lighthouse

Juan de fuca and Cape Scott II 131Day 1 San Josef Bay

Our trip began late Friday night. Myself, Lisa and Adrian hiked into San Josef Bay by moonlight arriving by 11pm. 2km


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