Splendor Mountain, member trip report.

–originally published by Eryn on her Facebook Account
What follows are Eryn’s words reporting her recent ascent of Splendor. Her final peak needed to complete her Lifetime Climbing Objective.
Splendor! How lovely. I headed into the backcountry for 5 days with Barry Hansen out of gold river, canoed across Matchlee Bay and up the Burman river until we could go no further, hiked logging roads for another 12ish km then unto the unforgiving bush filled with ground wasps and thick bush. People often ask me if i’m scared of wildlife such as bears and cougars, but really is those stinging tiny little *ssholes underfoot that truly terrify me. Within ten minutes of the end of the logging road Barry had stirred up a wasp nest and I suffered two stings, on my elbow (that turned into an arm with no elbow definition) and my butt (which resulted in half a brazilian butt lift.) The redeeming factor of the bush (and the subsequent bush on the next few days) was the overabundance of huckleberries and blueberries.

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Rappel Workshop

June 25th, 2023

~ submitted by Matthew Lettington

Two members joined me for a half day of hanging out on the rope.

We all learned to tie a few knots, and put themself onto the rappel device. By day’s end each of us was able to get on rappel, set the backup Prussic and rappel down the 30 foot cliff safely. 

Cragging at Darkside

August 22, 2021

~ submitted by Quinn Park

Quick trip cragging, 5 of us playing on some of the classic routes at Darkside, and trying some new ones!

It was fun to get out and play on the ropes. Even in the hot August weather, it was good conditions thanks to the shade and being so close to the river.

Photos by Jes Garceau

Climbing at Sansum Narrows

August 19, 2020

~ submitted by Quinn Park

A quiet Wednesday evening led to us check out the crags. Most folks did not climb and were just there to check out the scenery.

With not a tonne of time (and a healthy portion of it spent on showing folks the tour of my favourite conglomerate crag on the south island) we only were able to get ropes on “The Roof Is On Fire 5.10a” and “Salamander 5.7.” Both were fun routes.

The Hordelski 2020 – Mount Benson

January 1st, 2020

~ submitted by Ken Warren

Twelve of us started up Benson on our annual new year’s day hike. We took the new trail from the parking lot. The weather forecast was not favourable, but it was dry if a bit windy.

Half way up another member met us and we continued through the area the club worked on last year. At the summit the sky was relatively clear and the wind died so we had some lunch and enjoyed the views. I remember well standing there in the wind and snow with Mike Hordelski only long enough to take a photograph. As the weather was good, the summit was quite busy with hikers, runners, and quadders.

We made our way down without incident along the increasingly busy trail. Another successful summit, a tip of the hat to Mike, and a good start to 2020. All the best for this year to all club members.

Rappel Workshop

September 11, 2019

~ submitted by Matthew Lettington

That moment when you stand on the end of a cliff, a rope both ahead of you and dangling over the cliff, when you make the conscious decision to step over the edge is the hardest.  If it’s your first time or the 100th time rappelling down a rock face, it’s a thrilling feeling. 

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Rappel Workshop

June 4, 2019

~submitted by Matthew Lettington

Five members hit the rock wall at Piper’s Lagoon, on Tuesday night.

We spent three hours covering the basics of safe rappelling.

By evening’s end, each was shooting down the ropes to the pebble beach while the sun set behind us. 

Rappel Practice – Fleming Beach

~ submitted by Quinn Park

March 5th, 2019

With rock season rapidly approaching, we needed a quick refresher in rappelling before running full on into it.

Fleming beach offers great views, and we each got a few rappels in – It’s safe to say everyone was proficient and we all learned a thing or two from each other in terms of tips & tricks, and getting rappels to be safe, quick and efficient!

The sun was beginning to set as we were wrapping up, and with nightfall approaching (and everyone with their headlamp!) we even got a couple pitches each in.

a little dusk climbing practice

Bottom line is that it never hurts to review rappelling skills!

Mountain Improv

~ submitted by Adrian Houle

July 15, 2018

4 Island Mountain Ramblers attended and enjoyed the Mountain Improv course on July 15.


Rappel Workshop

~ submitted by Matthew Lettington

June 13, 2018

The club had three people come out for the Wednesday night Rappel Workshop. We had one guest join at the last minute because two people cancelled that morning. This workshop was originally scheduled for Friday, but was postponed due to rain. On Wednesday, we had showers through the morning, but the evening was warm and dry.

We reviewed knot tying, ATC, harnesses and ropes. We covered tying in, setting backups and rappelling techniques and ended the night with three rappels each down the highest face, at Pipers Lagoon.

Photos by Ruby, Barry & Samantha