Mount Becher New Years Day Celebration

January 1st, 2024
~ submitted by Greg Deabler

Our New Year’s Day stroll up Becher was thoroughly enjoyed by seven Ramblers: It was +2 at the trailhead with slight traces of snow along the plowlines of the road up and no snow at the parking lot.

Given that there had been rain during the previous week and little fresh snow, we made the decision to leave the snowshoes behind and trust our microspikes. A good decision, the snow was hard and supportive all the way to the summit. No wind and and lots of fog as we ascended and came down served to negate most of the views but made for perfect hiking comfort conditions for the day.

A lingering lunch on top, a few photo shoots involving an igloo constructed by a group who had spent the night, as well as the resident and persistent whiskey jacks made for a nice stop. Headed down at a good pace and arrived back at the cars by 2:15 pm.

A great day with even better company!

–submitted by Brian Fleming
Jack’s Peak – 15.7km, 1345m elevation gain, 7.5 hours.
On May 13th, We started around 7:30am at the trailhead, a yellow gate at 300m elevation.  From there it was a pretty steady climb up the service road.  There was plenty of bear scat and we eventually saw one run across the road.

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Beaufort Range Snowshoe trip to Mount Irwin over Mount Hal

–text by Brian Fleming
–images by Brian, Jes Garceau and Matthew Lettington

Somewhere around 23km, 1510m elevation gain.

What a day. This one kicked my butt a bit. I went on this trip with the Island Mountain Ramblers. A few of the people from my first club trip were here again, so it was nice to have some familiar faces.

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Springtime in Tahsis: A snowshoe near Malaspina Peak

–submitted by Matthew Lettington; originally published on
Spring’s late-onset has done no great favour for mountaineering. A Cool April and May allowed late-season snow to add to an abundant snowpack, enabling cornices to persist beyond their normal range. Our quartet faced this when we set out to summit Malaspina Peak on May 22, 2022.

Our route

Malaspina Peak is one of the mountains that is low on most people’s radar. It’s way out there, and at an elevation of just around 1550 metres, most people don’t give it the time of day. But it’s on our list.

Alava-Bate Sanctuary

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Springer Peak

April 30, 2022

~ submitted by Matthew Lettington, photos by Jes Garceau

What a day in the mountains! The Prince of Wales range never ceases to offer top-notch hikes and scrambles! 

This was my third trip to the summit. I hosted it because members tell us that they are interested in learning mountaineering skills. This peak offers some great opportunities to practice various skills while providing relative safety. 

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Strata Mountain Snowshoe

February 26, 2022

~ submitted by Brian Flemming, photos by Brian Flemming and Matthew Lettington

I joined the Island Mountain Ramblers recently to branch out a bit, meet some new people, learn some new things and participate in some safe group activities and hopefully summit a few mountains I wouldn’t be able to do alone.

Today’s snowshoe was a good example of a hike that I wouldn’t have done alone because of the weather.

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