Flower Ridge to Central Craigs


I met the Ramblers group for 9am at the Flower Ridge trailhead. Our group of six set out just after 9am. We got to the ridge in about four hours and continued along for another hour or so to camp. It was windy on the ridge but the sun was out, so my gear finally had a chance to dry.

After a solid night’s sleep, we had a casual start to the day departing camp at 9am. Our goal for the day was Central Crags, the summit of this mountain is just over 1650 metres. We made our way along Flower Ridge gaining and losing elevation as we went. The ridge is wide and open offerings lots of different paths and perspectives along their way. The Septimus Rosseau massif started to come into view topped by a thick layer of cloud, but we caught great views of the hanging glacier and snow fields.

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East Sooke Park – Coast Trail, return inland route (Lifetime Hiking Objective)

April 2, 2023

~ submitted by Matthew Lettington

What a perfect day on the trail! When I scheduled the trip, I had high hopes for great weather. But, as the day approached, the forecast took a turn for the worst. We all expected a cold, drizzly day, with wet brush and slippery rock. We were in for a treat!

Seven club members met at Alyard Farm for a car shuffle that allowed some participants the luxury of doing the coast trail without the commitment of following the inland route back to the cars. We started our hike shortly after 8 AM. In the dim light of the morning and in the tall trees, we had no idea what would await us when we got to the coast. 

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Forbidden Plateau Traverse

September 17th, 2022

~ Submitted by Julianna Wells

After much participant-list shuffling, in the few days before the trip we went from 8 participants and 12 on the waitlist to a new trip leader and only 4 other participants arriving for the hike. 

The group met at the old Forbidden Plateau ski hill parking area, switched into one vehicle, and made the drive together to the Raven Lodge parking lot where we started off at a good pace for our long hike across the park.

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Jes Garceau — Lifetime Climbing Objective — Bronze


Congratulations to Jes Garceau on achieving his bronze level in the club’s Lifetime Climbing Objectives. On Saturday, September 25th, he and Jenn Joyce successfully summit Victoria Peak, marking Jes’ tenth on the list. Way to go, Jes! We can’t wait to see what you summit next.

Jes on the summit of Victoria Peak, September 25, 2022

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Mt. Cokely via CPR Trail (Lifetime Objective)

—submitted by Joseph Mckenna

On a not so typical Wednesday, (August 24, 2022)  four Ramblers trusted me enough to lead an inaugural trip.  The selection was a lifetime objective, Mt. Cokely via the CPR trail. We were blessed with fine weather (although a little warm) and no smoke of any significance. We had a very experienced crew and exchanged some safety information, introductions and started our walk.

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