Hemingway completes his 20-Hikes Club Objective

Congratulations go out to Hemingway Leong-Lettington for completing hist 20 hikes objective.
Though you’ve joined many more than 20 days worth of trips, you finally completed your twentieth trip under your own power. From the 30 kilometres and 1750 metres of elevation gain over three days when we went to Mount Philips, to Westwood Ridges daytrips, you’re an accomplished hiker for someone that isn’t yet six.
Enjoy your next twenty!


2018 Wrapup: Results From the 2018 Membership Survey

The results of the member survey are in. We sent the invitation to 126 members and seventy-two responded. Thank you to those folks that participated, the feedback you provided gives the club valuable information that we can use to improve the club. The numbers noted in the report below are based on the responses provided in the survey. The numbers reflect the facts/opinions of members who complete the survey, and there is sure to be a degree of correlation between their opinions and those that didn’t complete the survey; of course, there are always outliers and this report does not reflect their opinions.

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Forbidden Plateau Traverse – Water Hazards May Be Present

~ submitted by Bil Derby

September 30, 2018

This trip received so much interest initially that a second trip running the opposite direction was scheduled and Julianna W graciously agreed to lead the second trip, although she was very quick to call shotgun on the downhill version – somehow predicting the benefit of finishing the day with lakes, rivers and rapids along the trail rather than starting the day against the flow.  By the morning of the trip, partly due to normal attrition and partly (mostly) due to an “inclement forecast” the overall group size shrunk to 9 and we all started from Raven Lodge for a generally downhill ramble to Wood Mountain.

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