Tower and Meadow Cabin Loop

March 3, 2024
~ submitted by Evan White

We started the day by parking on Jordan Main when the snow levels were too high to continue.

We hiked to Tower Cabin where we met four ladies that were on their way out from an overnighter. From there we headed to Meadow cabin, breaking trail in up to 3 feet of fresh snow. We arrived at Meadow cabin, made a hot lunch while melting some snow to replenish our water supply.

From Meadow Cabin we broke more trail while heading out on Matty’s trail in more waist high snow.

Our day was a total of 9.5 hours with 6 hours of moving time over 19km. A good day was had!

Monument Mountain to Grassy Lake

January 13th, 2024
~ submitted by Su Castle

The intended trail head (parking lot #2/Sooke Potholes) that would have us closer to our intended destination was locked (icy, windy, steep road); so we changed plans and started off from the Charters Creek trailhead.

Through -5 temps, clear skies, snow and ice underfoot; 4 humans and one dog tromped up Monument instead. We had a brisk pace with very short stops to stay warm.

Coming down off the hill towards the north, we caught icy winds in the face for a short time. We stopped to admire the frozen Grassy lake before returning down Grass Lake trail.

We wanted to include Devastation Hill, but the creek crossing was a little larger than we wanted to attempt.

Took us about 3 hours to hike 12.5 kms with 550 metre elevation gain.

Ridge Rambler- Gowland Todd One way

–submitted by Su Castle

We left a vehicle at both trailheads and commenced the10km ridge hike at Caleb Pike, taking 3 hours with stops for photos and a detour to see both Cascade Falls and the extremely high tide at McKenzie Bight. While there was wind on the ridge, there was no rain! Elevation gain travelling in this direction was minimal, only 400m.

Finlayson Arm 28k Route

September 1, 2023

~ submitted by Su Castle

We started at the Prospectors Trail in Goldstream and followed the route for the 28 km Finlayson Arm trail run route, at a hike pace.

Hike time was just under 8 hours, breaks about 40 min in total. Weather was fantastic.

East Sooke Park – Coast Trail, return inland route (Lifetime Hiking Objective)

April 2, 2023

~ submitted by Matthew Lettington

What a perfect day on the trail! When I scheduled the trip, I had high hopes for great weather. But, as the day approached, the forecast took a turn for the worst. We all expected a cold, drizzly day, with wet brush and slippery rock. We were in for a treat!

Seven club members met at Alyard Farm for a car shuffle that allowed some participants the luxury of doing the coast trail without the commitment of following the inland route back to the cars. We started our hike shortly after 8 AM. In the dim light of the morning and in the tall trees, we had no idea what would await us when we got to the coast. 

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