Mount Richards

February 4th and 5th, 2023

~ submitted by Mary Hof

I am writing this blog for both hikes to Mt. Richards for Feb 4th and 5th. I offered the same hikes for both days, because at the beginning I saw so many people on the wait list, and I saw many were first timer, and I didn’t want them to miss the opportunity. In the end 7 hiked on Saturday and 8 on Sunday. Saying all that, I am happy I kept the two days of hiking on Mt. Richards and that I was able to lead for many that have not been there before.

The weather was dreary both days, but we got some views both days also. Lots of history on Mt. Richards with the Lenora railway and we got to walk in history where the track once was. We saw beaver lodges and freshly cut trees cut by beavers.

The Saturday group got to do some off trail hiking lol, which everyone enjoyed, but wasn’t planned. But what is a hike if no bushwalking is involved right?

Thanks Ramblers for a great two days of leading hikes.

Buffalo Hump and Whiskey Jack Creek

–submitted by John Robertson

The weather was perfect for a day’s hiking. We made swift work if the 5 kms on roads to the base of Buffalo Hump mountain. A slightly novel approach at the start led to heavier-than-expected bushwhacking, some extemporized scrambling, and a bit of profanity. After a steep climb and a bit more scrambling, the sub-alpine was reached, and the going was much easier. Views were viewed, and lunch was eaten. The descent was done quickly. From that point, the second objective was the falls on Whiskey Jack creek. Falls were easily found. We assessed the possibility of descent into the ravine and plunge pool, but decided that, despite the temptation of the creek below, there was no safe means of reaching it at that point. We had our creek time at a more accessible point upstream from the falls, and then, refreshed, headed back to the cars.

Bald Mountain

March 30, 2022

~ submitted by Mary Hof

5 of us enjoyed a wonderful day hiking Bald Mountain. 11km, 650m elevation gain.

We started off hiking near the lake shore above the new housing on Marble Bay Rd. Oh, man – the scotch broom is 6 feet high and covers the whole trail for a section. I believe this part might be on private property, the only way to get around it would be by boat.

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Mount Tzouhalem

–submitted by Mary Hof

December 20th turned out to be an awesome day for a hike. Thanks to those that ventured from Nanaimo and Victoria to join in.

We started at Kaspa Rd trailhead and hiked some trails then got onto the AWESOME trail, and that it was,  with great views and a bench to sit on. We then took Field of Dreams to the far end and came on the Ridge trail, with great views. We had lunch in the sun and ventured our way back coming along side the Flower Reserve where only in a few months the flowers will be blooming.

Thank you for the wonderful people that joined in this hike. The hike was 10.5 km with 700m elevation gain