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Hidden Waterfall

–submitted by John Robertson

Under cloudless skies, 2 of us set out from Ladysmith at 7 am, to find a waterfall high on Banon Creek.  Our route started on some of the more popular trails above town, allowing us to enjoy views at the lookout, Heart Lake, and Stocking Lake.

From Stocking Lake, we cut through the bush to the Banon logging road, then up a side road. From there, we were into heavy bush and steep terrain. We let our ears guide us to the roar of the creek.  We found that it was cascading down a steep canyon, visible, but not approachable.

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Mt. Hall – Coronation Mtn: Ski Traverse

–submitted by Rod Szasz

As part of a little micro-adventure to explore and document more alpine peaks closer to home and explore the ski-touring potential of the peaks, Matt Lettington and myself decided to ski traverse two 1350 metre peaks behind Ladysmith – Mt Coronation and Mt. Hall. I had summited both of these as running and day hiking destinations before – last year in March I led a snowshoe hike to the summit of Mt. Hall.

Ski traverse route with photos, GPS track

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Snowshoe to Boston Falls Lookout: A Sunny Day below Mount Becher’s Summit

–submitted by Matthew Lettington, Read the report on his blog

When I’m stuck inside, it sometimes feels like I won’t ever break free and get outside! If you’re passionate like I am, you probably feel the same. Now that I’ve added two kids to the equation, it’s even more difficult to balance the time between my family obligations and my passion. Not that the two are mutually exclusive; as often as I can, I try to merge the two together. But it’s not as simple as stuffing a child into a carrier. There are the known issues to deal with– diaper changes, toys, and extra snacks– but heading into the backcountry adds extra challenges. Changing a bare bottom in the wind is no cup of tea, and neither is a cup of tea, for that matter! Fortunately, at three and a half years old, my son has emerged from the long cold winter that has been his era of wearing diapers.

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–submitted by Jon Robertson

4 of us started out under a mostly cloudy sky. The sun went down behind the cloud,
without putting on a show for us. Shortly after that, we had some clearing in the west, and were treated to the sight of Venus shining spectacularly brightly, a hand’s-breadth above the horizon.

As the clouds thinned, the moon lit them from behind, illuminating a huge portion of the sky. We had a few drops of rain, but nothing to speak of, and gusts of wind that could take the breath away. We paused for a snack at a high point on the ridge, and enjoyed seeing the lights from the mainland. Even one of the ski hills (Cypress?) was lit up.

At that point, the moon came out in all its glory. Headlamps were turned off, and we soaked it in. Then, back to the cars, and home for supper.


Maple Mountain Easy Ramble

–submitted by Beth Avis

13 of us joined in Maple Bay to do the Blue and Yellow trails as a loop. We were very luck to have amazing weather despite the forecast. A few downed trees blocked our way in a few locations so we had to find our way around. We had a blast!

Maple Mountain Rainbow Route

5 of us enjoyed the hike on Maple Mountain. I started with the Orange Trail, going to Red, then Orange again, then pink, then the other pink to Blue and back to the car. Hike was 4 hours, I used some trails that are not listed on the map.
Everyone enjoyed the hike, we had lots of laughter and a very enjoyable time together

Christie’s Falls – Thanksgiving Ramble

–submitted by John Robertson

There was a perfect weather window for a short early morning hike from Ladysmith to see the state of Christie’s Falls. The falls are starting to fill out, but there’s a long way to go, before the reach their mid-winter glory. As a bonus, that area has a lot of fall colour at this time.dsc_2594-01

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Mount Tzouhalem Fall Hike from Genoa Bay

–submitted by Matthew Lettington; 

–photographs by Brian Parsons

Light gray clouds hung low in the Saturday morning sky as four Island Mountain Ramblers set out on the day’s journey : summit Mount Tzouhalem from Genoa Bay. Matthew carried 3-year-old Hemingway on his back as he led the two newest Island Mountain Ramblers on their hike across the south facing slopes, toward the beautiful summit ridge.

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Maple Mountain Loop

–submitted by Ken Warren

Eight of us set out on a Maple Mountain loop from Chilco Road on Saturday. Maple Mountain is the best marked and mapped trail system I’ve found on the Island, in that trail marking is frequently updated and the actual trails correspond exactly with the mapped trails. We set out along the blue trail and switched to the yellow, walking parallel to the water to our first break at Grave Point and the opening of Sansum narrows.

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