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Whiltilla Mountain, Day two in the Bonanza Range

–submitted by Matthew Lettington, Read the report on his blog

This report is a chapter in a longer series of reports from a multi-day car camping and mountaineering expedition done in the summer of 2016. In this section, day 2 July 17th, we climb Whiltilla Mountain.

Every summer I look forward to one of two long trips trekking and mountaineering in Vancouver Island’s backcountry. They become the focus of the summer because it’s difficult to get 7 days where I can head into the backcountry with friends so these days are sacrosanct. This summer we planned a trip through Strathcona Park along the Wolfe/Cervus Divide. Mother nature had other plans. As the day of departure came, the forecast called for three days of lighting. We changed our plan and traveled farther north, and used the days to do some climbing in the Bonanza Range.

Whiltilla Mountain, Bonanza Range, hiking on Vancouver Island

Whiltilla Mountain Map and GPS Route


Total Distance: 7.8 km
Starting Elevation: 948 m
Maximum Elevation: 1698 m
Total Elevation Gain: 782 m
Total Time: 5 h 20 m



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Cape Scott Trip To The Lighthouse

Juan de fuca and Cape Scott II 131Day 1 San Josef Bay

Our trip began late Friday night. Myself, Lisa and Adrian hiked into San Josef Bay by moonlight arriving by 11pm. 2km


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Mount Palmerston

–submitted by Phil Jackson

Leaving Nanaimo at 5:30am Phil and Matt proceeded to Campbell River where we picked up Mary then proceeded to where Palmerston Rd meets Eve River main. Rishi was there waiting for us, Rick and Lisa weren’t to far behind.

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