Douglas Peak

July 5, 2020

~ submitted by Matthew Lettington

Four of us braved a spotty forecast to hike Douglas Peak. Instead of patches of sunlight, the four of us hiked up the logging road to its terminus and then headed into the bush for a few hours of light bushwhacking to the old-growth summit.

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Whisky Lake

February 15, 2020

~ submitted by Phil Jackson

There was a good showing of members on the easy, though brisk, hike around Whisky Lake.

By day’s end, the 10 of us covered 13.5 kilometres and 390 metres elevation gain. Though we didn’t have blue skies, we managed a few peek-a-boo views of the strait and lots of clouds. 

There are lots of trails to explore; I’m sure we’ll be back. 

The Hordelski 2020 – Mount Benson

January 1st, 2020

~ submitted by Ken Warren

Twelve of us started up Benson on our annual new year’s day hike. We took the new trail from the parking lot. The weather forecast was not favourable, but it was dry if a bit windy.

Half way up another member met us and we continued through the area the club worked on last year. At the summit the sky was relatively clear and the wind died so we had some lunch and enjoyed the views. I remember well standing there in the wind and snow with Mike Hordelski only long enough to take a photograph. As the weather was good, the summit was quite busy with hikers, runners, and quadders.

We made our way down without incident along the increasingly busy trail. Another successful summit, a tip of the hat to Mike, and a good start to 2020. All the best for this year to all club members.

Mount Benson from Westwood

December 19, 2019

~ submitted by Bill Jackson

We met at the Arbot Rd parking area at the leisurely time of 9:30 and got back almost exactly 5 hrs later, with no rest breaks.

We followed the mix of trails and roads from the northwest end of the lake. Weather was just wet enough to justify rain clothes, and stayed pretty much the same on the way up. No distant views, but a couple of nice foggy scenes over the valley. There isn’t much snow on the ground right now.  The same as it was a month or so ago; just starting at the junction before Te’tuxw’tun Trail.

Right at the summit a stiff cold wind limited time to a couple of quick cell pics and chased us back into the trees. Coming down was wetter and cooler than going up, so our total of rest breaks for the day was about 3 or 4  minutes standing for lunch.

A better day than staying home! And a good day for gear testing. 1) I need new rain clothes 2) the rest of my clothing worked well, not excessively cold when damp. Thanks for the pleasant company, Goody!

Westwood Ridges Before the Club Meeting

October 27, 2019

~ submitted by Matthew Lettington

It was a horrible day for a club meeting. The sun was shining, birds singing, and a light breeze chilled the air to keep us from overheating.

Our group of seven spent a little over three hours exploring the first two ridges. By the time we arrived back at the parking lot, we had completed a 10.5 km loop with just about 400 meters elevation gain. 

It was a perfect pre-meeting hike!

Mount Benson Project — Trail Work

–submitted by Matthew Lettington

The Mount Benson Project continues to roll along. During the summer, we spent our time diverting water and shoring up the eroding bank. Since then, we have been reluctant to do any work that relies on the integrity of the work previously done. When the fall rains arrived, we examined the results of the work, and it appears that most of the water is being diverted off the trail. Though there is still more work to be done in this area, we are ready to move into some other areas of work.

Dustin, using the hammer drill to create a socket for rebar.

On Wednesday, October 30, Dustin and Matthew loaded their backpacks and set out with adhesive, rebar, and hammer drill do work that added steps in a few key places within our section.

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Mount Benson Project –July 6 Work Party

July 6th was going to be a busy day for our work party. There were 8 volunteers signed up but as the forecast worsened the cancellations started arriving. By the time we hit the trail, there were three souls that braved the misty conditions to do a day’s work on the trail.

For the day we focussed on installing an extra step in the eroding bank, stabilizing the bank by installing extra width on one of the steps, hauling more debris into the off route sections, and trimming wood obstacles that could hook a hiker’s foot. A big part of the project is doing sustainable work that withstand the test of time, and that means controling the flow of water. Much of the trail erosion has been made worse by the waterfall that forms on the trail and flows down a large portion of our section.

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