Morrell Sanctuary along Benson Ridge to [redacted by request of Department of National Defence ]

–submitted by Mary Hof

Hike from Morrell Sanctuary to [redacted by request of Department of National Defence ] and along the South Ridge to the summit of Mt Benson and down the North Ridge to Witchcraft Lake. October 2, 2016.

This was my first hike I led as a Rambler, for over 20 years I have been leading hikes for the Outdoor Club of Victoria, and the Cowichan hikers. I joined the Ramblers earlier this year as I wanted more variety and some tougher hikes.

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Night Hike up Arrowsmith to watch the Persied Meteors

–Submitted by Beth Avis

4 of us set out Friday afternoon on our quest to watch the meteors from the summit of Mt. Arrowsmith. 2 other fellow ramblers were also planning to rally at the top with via the West Ridge. We chose the Judges Route.
After leaving a little later than expected, we decided to stop on the mountainside, about 3/4 of the way up on a good rock ledge. That became our camp for the night. I was able to connect with Clarke and co, who were coming up the other side, and they too decided not to summit as well. But all in all we got to see lots of meteors, a beautiful sunset and had a blast doing it!
We were back down by 830am for breakfast. It was a fun trip and look forward to next years shower!

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Rappel Workshop 3

The day may have threatened rain, but we had only light winds and a pleasant glow for our rappel workshop.

The four of us worked quickly to learn the basics of rappelling. Before long, we were rappelling down the height of the bluffs at Pipers Lagoon.
Next to the mountains!

Mount De Cosmos & Wine Tasting

A short, stiff hike up from Second Lake on the Nanaimo Lakes circuit. We leftHarewood Mall at 0700 and arrived at the base of the logging road 1150 metres below the summit. Stop about 400 metres before the main 2nd Lake Gate which is the gate just after the lake cottages. There is a small road to the right climbing up with an old,low gate which may be locked. It does not matter. We parked on the main logging road.From here it was a quick walk up from the lake to the end of the road at about 480metres.

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Wandering About Mount Benson

–submitted by Ken Warren

Nine of us set off from Morrell Sanctuary to hike Mount Benson from the south. Clear skies and warm sun were promised and delivered. Logging activities have made the original trail somewhat more difficult, but a bike trail allowed us to bypass the damaged section.

We missed our intended trail, which turned out to be a recurring theme that day, and found ourselves on the eastern side of the ridge on a new trail that is only partially complete. We managed to intersect our intended trail only to wander off on several newer and similarly marked trails. We did eventually find the summit and enjoyed the views and the sunshine. The return leg of the loop was uneventful, without the trail exploration that marked our ascent.