The Travel Mileage Policy

*updated November  02, 2023*


To standardize an equitable practice to compensate drivers for motor vehicle use, wear and tear and vehicle maintenance related to the transportation of participants to and from scheduled club trips.


Transportation costs are a significant portion of the expenses related to outdoor recreation. In the past, the amount and frequency in which drivers are compensated for the use of their vehicle has not been formalized, which has resulted in some inconsistency in people remembering to pay and in determining what amount is appropriate. Further to this, wear and tear on the vehicle, tires, and maintenance are significant expenses related to operating a vehicle that is often overlooked when it comes to compensating drivers.

In response, the IMR researched the approach and policy of other outdoor clubs, including the British Columbia Mountaineering Club. Based on this information, the IMR developed a model based on best practices. The Travel Mileage Policy provides both guidance and establishes terms in which to equitably address transportation costs related to club activities.

This policy was adopted on April 14, 2022O. 

It’s recommended that passengers and drivers follow this policy on club trips.


This policy applies to all club members and guests participating in club-sanctioned trips. The following guides trip leaders when estimating the cost of shared transportation for a trip they are posting and those participants signing up for a trip.

Following the date of adoption of this policy, each trip posting should include estimated ridesharing fees based on the level of compensation as follows:


Pay “in kind” with car, cleaning costs, driving time (while passengers can rest, relax etc.)


Pay a per kilometre fee (see the Rational below for details)

This rate is per passenger when one or two passengers are on board. If three or more passengers share the vehicle with the driver, they split the two-passenger total.

Extra Costs:

Each person pays a fixed fee for unpaved roads over different distances:

  • $5 if from 3-10k
  • $10 if from 11-25
  • $15 if more than 25 km
  • Plus, an extra $10 if Low 4WD is used.

For rough 4WD  LO logging roads, each person pays a fixed fee of $10.00


Trip leaders and all club members should fairly distribute passengers to all vehicles.


Exceptions and hardships should be dealt with at the driver’s discretion.


It is based on a vehicle that uses a litre of gas to go 6 km; or about 17L per 100 k. Yes, I know most of you will say that you have a much more fuel-efficient vehicle than that, but if you have a robust 4WD, that’s about the gas consumption.

Today, the mode of a liter on GasBuddy for Nanaimo is $187.9 or $1.88. $1.88/6 is 31 cents per liter. Drivers can request more or less, depending on their vehicle. We will update the price per liter of gas on  or about the first of each month.

Policy No. A1-2022  —adopted April 14, 2022

The Travel Mileage Policy

This will be updated on or about the first of every month. It will be determined by the mode price of a liter of gasoline in Nanaimo according to GasBuddy divided by 6.

Price of a liter of gas / 6

      • Plus, for travel on gravel roads, the supplement will be:
      • $5 if from 3-10k
      • $10 if from 11-25
      • $15 if more than 25 km
      • Plus, an extra $10 if Low 4WD is used.


Mode price of gas on November 02, 2023: $1.54.9

    • base rate       – $0.26
    • 2                        – $0.13
    • 3                        -$0.086
    • 4                        -$0.07