August 4, 2020; COVID-19 Update

In response to measures placed by the Province, the Island Mountain Ramblers have adjusting our policy regarding the participation of members on trips.  Event size maximum is set to 12 with the provision that groups larger than six should be split into multiple groups.  To accommodate the provision, co-leaders will be needed to facilitate more trip participation. Other preventative practices are still in place. Please note that overnight trips are allowed, but these recommendations should be followed.

  1. The most effective means of risk reduction include basic hygiene and physical distancing.
  2. Preventative Practices for hikes and other backcountry trips and club events:
    • car-pooling is not recommended
    • those who choose to provide transport should consider wiping down vehicle interiors before and after with an appropriate cleaner
    • maintain at least 1 pole length between individuals while hiking or snowshoeing
    • avoid sharing unpackaged food
    • for trips bring your own supply of hand sanitizer, wipes or tissues and a zip-lock bag to carry out waste for disposal
    • club slide shows, social events, and meetings may need to be rescheduled or cancelled depending on presenter preference, location availability, and local situation, with a max of 50 people and appropriate physical spacing
    • food and beverages should not be provided at club functions if they do occur
  1. Stay home if you have:
    • a cough, fever or any symptoms of illness
    • returned within 14 days from travel outside of Canada
    • been in contact with a case of COVID within 14 days

Starting on August 4, 2020, the Island Mountain Ramblers will permit club events with the following provisions:

  • hiking events are restricted to 12 members; two groups of six, each with their own leader
  • guests are permitted on trips
  • 2m (6ft) should be maintained between participants
  • adherence to all provincial and municipal regulations for accessing lands

General Information for Club Trips

  • Prospective members are invited to participate in two day hikes before joining;  Multi-day trips are for Ramblers members only, unless by other arrangements
  • Contact trip leader for details and any possible changes. Reserve your spot early as trips may fill quickly
  • Use the Event Creation Form to submit a trip for the schedule
  • Add this event schedule to your own Google Calendar
  • If you need to make a change to one of your trip details, email

Understanding the Trip Codes

  • Learn how time/elevation gain and pace influence each other

Time/Elevation Gain:

  • A – Not strenuous –1-4 hrs, 0-2000ft (600m) elevation gain, day pack
  • B – Moderately strenuous — 2-6 hrs, 2000-4000ft (600-1000m) elevation gain, day or overnight pack
  • C – Strenuous — 4-10 hrs, 3000-6000ft (1000-2000m) elevation gain, day or overnight pack
  • D – Very strenuous and multiple day


    1. Gentle slopes, mainly trails
    2. Moderate slopes, travel off trail; hands may be needed for stability
    3. Off track in mountainous terrain, may involve steep forest and/or snow; hands may be needed for short scrambles
    4. Difficult mountainous terrain. Advanced backcountry and climbing experience needed
    5. Leader protection, hardware required
    6. Direct aid climbing


    1. Leisurely pace with frequent rest breaks. Pace slows considerably on hills and significant recovery time needed after steep sections.  Several lunch/snack breaks on a full day hike.
    2. Moderate pace with occasional short (5-minute max) rest breaks. The pace slows slightly on hills and short recovery needed after steep sections. One lunch/snack break on a full day hike.
    3. Mostly fast pace with occasional “breathers” (less than a minute) for recovery. Fairly consistent pace over all terrain. Little to no recovery needed after steep sections. One short lunch/snack break on a full day hike.
    4. Consistently fast pace with little need for a break. Pace stays consistent regardless of terrain and recovery not needed after steep sections.  May stop for a quick snack but prefer not to dally long.