Wilderness First Aid Certification — 20 Hour

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Instruction Provided By Ridge Wilderness Adventures
Course Date: November 17 & 18, 2018
Time: 830 am – 6:30 pm
Location: 709 Nanaimo Lakes Road, building 1196 (on the left at the top of the on Camp)
Equipment: Raingear and warm clothing in case of inclement weather, paper, pencil

Has this ever happened to you?
Honey, I chopped my hand with my axe!
Do you know what to do?

Course Description:

Wilderness First Aid certification will give you the skills and confidence to deal with an injured or ill person for up to 24 hrs. You will learn to assess for dangers, identify wounds, dress wounds and even save someone from hypothermia!

learn to assess and stabilize head and neck injuries!
learn to assess and stabilize head and neck injuries!

Because of the nature of the problems you may be dealing with in the outdoors, at least 50% of the course is taught outside. Upon completing this course you will earn the Standard First Aid and CPR C certificates, including instruction on using the Automatic External Defribulator (AED). This is in on top to  your Wilderness First Aid certificate.

In addition to the course content we include basic shelter construction that is not part of the certificate. We include this because of the nature of the environment that you will be working and the relevance to the course content.

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Course Fee: $234

The regular rate for the course is $259 + tax but the Island Mountain Ramblers are offering our members a subsidized rate. In addition, the club is paying the cost of taxes and the fee for the venue and PayPal fees.

Club Member Fee: $ 234
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Non-member fee: $259 + GST +$271.95

Wilderness FIrst Aid Certification (20 Hour)

More information:

Event Coordinator: Matthew Lettington
E-mail lettingtonm @ hotmail.com

Cancellation policy

The course fee is refundable upon written confirmation of the cancellation at least 16 days prior to the Trip. 10%of the total is non-refundable.