What does it mean to be an Island Mountain Rambler? Surely it’s more than simply showing up to a single trip, and coming to annual meetings. Being an active member in the club takes heart, and sometimes dedication –especially when it’s raining! Relationships are forged on the trails, beaches, and mountaintops of Vancouver Island.  It’s somewhere in these places where the meaning of membership is found.

Completing this objective shows you are dedicated to adventure and your fellow Island Mountain Ramblers!

Objective: Participate on 20 days of hiking

When members complete 20 days of club trips they qualify for their complimentary Island Mountain Ramblers crest! The 20 days can be achieved by doing day hikes, and overnight multi-day trips. The only caveat is that travel days do not count.


The Island Mountain Ramblers Crest

The Island Mountain Ramblers Crest

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