To qualify for recognition:

  1. You must be a member of the Island Mountain Ramblers for at least 3 years during the time of completing the lifetime objectives.
  2. Keep a record of the trip—date, who was in the party, and route followed.
  3. When either the climbing or hiking lifetime objectives are completed, please provide the information above to the Secretary/Treasurer or the President of the Ramblers.

Climbing Lifetime Objectives

 Gold Award climb all 20 peaks  

Silver Award climb any 15 peaks

Bronzeany 10 peaks


1. Mount Arrowsmith 1818 m. South of Cameron Lake
2. Mt. Klitsa 1643 m. West of Sproat Lake
3. Maitland Range 1433 m. Any peak, including Hidden Peak, over 1190 m.
4. Mt. Colonel Foster 2130 m. Any peak
5. Mt. Donner 1813 m. Ucona Valley
6. Elkhorn 2195 m. Elk River Valley
7. Mt. Filberg 2035 m. West of north end of Buttle Lake
8. George V Mount 1888 m. South of Forbidden Plateau
9. Golden Hinde 2200 m. Island’s highest peak – west of Buttle Lake
10. Kings Peak 2065 m. Elk River Valley
11. Mt. McBride 2082 m. West of Buttle Lake
12. Mariner Mountain 1845 m. Southwest of Buttle Lake
13. Mount Matchlee 1845 m. Burman Valley
14. Nine Peaks 1835 m. Drinkwater Valley – any peak
15. Rambler Peak 2086 m. Elk River Valley
16. Red Pillar 2032 m. Near Comox Glacier
17. Splendor Mountain 1766 m. Burman Valley
18. Rugged Mountain 1875 m. South of Woss Lake
19. Mount Shoen 1863 m. Schoen Lake Park
20. Victoria Peak 2163 m. White River Valley



Ramblers who have achieved Climbing Lifetime Objectives:


David Routledge                  1991
Charles Turner                     1994
Derek Fletcher                      1995
Takeshi Oqaeawara            1998
Brian Ross                            2001
Lindsay Elms                       2014


Tom Carter
Peter Rothermel
Ken Rodonets
2012  John Young
2018 (September) Clarke Gourlay


2018 (September)  Phil Jackson
Dean Williams



John Young        silver (i think)
Tom Carter         silver
Peter rothermel  silver
Ken Rodonets    silver
dean williams     bronze