To qualify for recognition:

  1. You must be a member of the Island Mountain Ramblers for at least 3 years during the time of completing the lifetime objectives.
  2. Keep a record of the trip—date, who was in the party, and route followed.
  3. When either the climbing or hiking lifetime objectives are completed, please provide the information above to the Secretary/Treasurer or the President of the Ramblers.
Highest Elevation
1. Mount Cokely Via CPR Trail 1616 m. Trail starts at east end of Cameron Lake
2. Cowichan River Trail – Upper and Lower Cowichan Fish & Game Club to Lake Cowichan
3. East Sooke Park Trail Coast trail, from Mine Bay to Hylard Farm
4. Nootka Island Trail or Ucluelet to Tofino Nootka Sound area
5. West Coast Trail Bamfield to Port Renfrew
6. Mt. Albert Edward from Paradise M. 2093 m. West of Mt. Washington
7. Augerpoint Mt. from Buttle Lake 1857 m. East of Buttle Lake
8. Comox Glacier 1964 m. Above Comox Lake
9. Cream Lake 1260 m. South of Buttle Lake
10. Della Falls 600 m. Drinkwater River, southern Strathcona Park
11. Flower Ridge Trail 1406 m. Southeast of Buttle Lake
12. Mt. Becher to Mt. Jutland 1803 m. Forbidden Plateau
13. Landslide Lake 900 m. Elk River Valley, Strathcona Park
14. Marble Meadows Trail 1525 m. West of Buttle Lake
15. Phillips Ridge Trail – Don Apps Trail 1728 m. Westmin Mine to Arnica Lake to Mt. Phillips
16. Cape Scott Trail Northern tip of Vancouver Island


Ramblers who have achieved Hiking Lifetime Objectives:

John Cowlin          1987
Doreen Cowlin     1987
Janice Spearing    1993
Derek Fletcher      1995
Paul Berthoud      2009
Christine Rivers   2009
Dean Williams     2014