Ridge Rambler Challenge

2018 marked the 60th anniversary of the Island Mountain Ramblers — we’re definitely over the hill! It’s been a long journey with countless footsteps, snowshoe tracks created and melted, booted routes wandered, and rocky bluffs scrambled. Sixty years is a significant milestone.

To celebrate our 60th anniversary the Island Mountain Ramblers issued a new lifetime objective: come, participate on club trips and walk the many ridges that Vancouver Island has to offer and earn the distinction of being an Island Mountain Ramblers Ridge Rambler.

Since this is a lifetime objective all of your prior experiences count toward this achievement, providing they were done as club trips.


Hike 10 ridges from the list below on a club hike and earn the distinction of being a Ridge Rambler, and get your crest.

The Ridges

Easy (day trips)

Medium (long day trips or multi-day trips)

Hard (multi-day trips with lots of elevation gain)