Education Rebate 2019

The Island Mountain Ramblers are investing in our membership. We believe that when you have a strong skill set, you gain confidence and enthusiasm that will be reflected when you join trips. Whether you want to learn more about navigation, avalanche safety, or learn to lead climb, you can do so with the support of the Island Mountain Ramblers.

Already, as a member of the Island Mountain Ramblers you get a 10% discount from MB Guiding and Island Alpine Guides. The education rebate is issued by the Island Mountain Ramblers to members that complete the online education rebate form.

Events which are hosted and subsidized by the club and do not qualify for further rebates. Please enquire for further details.

Rebate Offers

  • $25 member
  • $40 trip leaders (must have led a trip in the last 12 months)

Which courses qualify for the rebate?

There are a wide variety of courses that qualify for the rebate offer. This includes any course offered the MB Guiding and Island Alpine Guides; but, these are not the only vendors that qualify. For questions about specific courses and vendors, contact the club president —

Claiming your rebate

You will need proof of payment for the course you took when you complete the rebate request. This can be a photograph of an invoice, a screenshot of an email, or a PDF. When you complete your rebate request.


The rebate offer is a limited time offer–while the budget lasts.  Each member may claim the rebate up to two times this year.

Claim your rebate