Mountaineering Camping Gear List

Mountaineering trips can be hot and dry, windy and wet, or downright freezing—come prepared. The routes are seldom muddy and often there is only a boot track to follow; no trail. To keep yourself comfortable, be sure to have a system that protects the contents of your backpack from getting wet!

After packing all your gear into your backpack make sure that you are carrying less than 28% of your bodyweight. The lower the percentage the easier you will move, the more comfortable you’ll feel, and the better you’ll sleep.

Note: The trip leader may have some gear you can borrow

The Essentials

  • Navigation (map & compass)
  • Sun protection (sunglasses & sunscreen)
  • Illumination (headlamp/flashlight)
  • Fire (waterproof matches/lighter/candle)
  • Hydration 1.5 L , maybe an extra empty bottle too
  • Knife/multi-tool, and at least 3m of cordage
  • Whistle (on a cordelette or wristband)
  • First-Aid Kit (small personal kit)
  • 2 large garbage bags

Mountain Specific Items

These items are trip specific

  • Crampons
  • ice axe
  • helmet

Clothing (No Cotton!)

Hiking Clothes:

  • sturdy hiking shoes/boots
  • synthetic socks or wool socks
  • rain jacket (shell)
  • synthetic or thin wool shirt
  • synthetic or wool mid-weight long sleeve
  • synthetic gloves
  • synthetic pants (or convertible pant/shorts)
  • toque

Camp Cloths (dry):

  • synthetic or wool long sleeve, mid-weight shirt
  • dry wool socks (for sleeping)
  • dry pants/tights for camp

Optional Clothing:

  • rain pants
  • gaiters
  • rain hat
  • camp gloves
  • camp shoes (light, even sandals can be useful)

Camping Gear:

  • backpack – minimum 40 L, max 28% of body weight
  • a system for making a food cache
  • toiletries

Sleep System

  • tent/shelter
  • sleeping bag (rated to at least 0 but preferably -5; you know what you need best)
  • sleeping Pad

Cooking System

  • stove/Fuel
  • pot/cup
  • eating utensils (cup, bowl, spoon)


  • snacks enough for each day
  • dinners for each night
  • lunches for each day
  • extra snacks in case you get stuck for an extra day

Extras Items:

  • hiking poles
  • camera
  • sitting pad
  • GPS
  • Personal Locator Beacon(PLB)/ satellite phone
  • change of clothes and shoes (waiting at trailhead)
  • lightweight tarp and cordage