Questionnaire for trip participants

Thank you for leading a trip for the Island Mountain Ramblers. Leading a trip is a rewarding experience but it has many challenges associated with it.  Leading is a combination of managing terrain and personalities, understanding weather, and navigating along the route.

One of the more difficult tasks associated with leading is selecting trip participants. The Island Mountain Ramblers have developed the following set of questions to help you vet trip participants. Consider using the following questions if your hike is anything more than an easy hike.

**leaders please note: you will need to customize some sections of the questionnaire to match your trip.

  1. Have you done a trip with the Island Mountain Ramblers in the past? If so which one?
  2. How often do you hike? What hikes have you done in the area? Approximately how many hikes have you done in the last three months? How would each of these hikes rate on the A1-D6 Rating Scale (see Island Mountain Ramblers trip schedule for details)?
  3. Which of the options below would best describe your preferred hiking pace:
    1. Leisurely pace with frequent rest breaks. Pace slows considerably on hills and significant recovery time needed after steep sections.  Several lunch/snack breaks on a full day hike.
    2. Moderate pace with occasional short (5 minute max) rest breaks. Pace slows slightly on hills and short recovery needed after steep sections. One lunch/snack break on a full day hike.
    3. Moderate to fast pace with occasional “breathers” (less than a minute) for recovery. Fairly consistent pace over all terrain. Little to no recovery needed after steep sections. One short lunch/snack break on a full day hike.
    4. Consistently fast pace with little need for a break. Pace stays consistent regardless of terrain and recovery not needed after steep sections.  May stop for a quick snack but prefer not to dally long.
  4. Do you hike with a member of the club? If yes, can we contact this person as a reference? (please provide contact info:____________________)
  5. Can you move confidently through the terrain listed in the trip description (leaders you should insert your terrain types: bluffs, scrambling, slippery slopes, heather, etc)?
  6. This trip requires ____________. Do you have the required equipment? If your missing equipment, what do you need?(equipment lists)
  7. Do you have a first aid certificate? If so, what level of first aid certification do you have and when does it expire?
  8. Can you be a driver? If so, how many passengers can you take? Do you have a 4×4?
  9. Do you have any allergies?
  10. Do you have any medical or psychological issues that may prevent you from completing this trip? (Psychological could be scared of heights.)


Several people helped develop this questionnaire. Thank you to the following: the 2017 Island Mountain Ramblers Executive, MB Guiding, and Colleen Chestnut.