Bald Mountain

March 30, 2022

~ submitted by Mary Hof

5 of us enjoyed a wonderful day hiking Bald Mountain. 11km, 650m elevation gain.

We started off hiking near the lake shore above the new housing on Marble Bay Rd. Oh, man – the scotch broom is 6 feet high and covers the whole trail for a section. I believe this part might be on private property, the only way to get around it would be by boat.

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Bald Mountain Circuit

~ submitted by Mary Hof

July 22, 2018

Bald Mountain circuit today was enjoyed by 6 hikers. 12k, 4.5 hours, 650m elevation gain. We swam before the hike ended. It was a very hot day but beautiful. It was very nice to welcome a hiker from Spain – Claudia, she is 23 years old and is here to teach a family Spanish in exchange for living accommodation. A wonderful person, great hiker who will be doing me in more while she is here till September 4, after that she goes back to complete her Masters Degree.