Mt. Prevost

~ submitted by Mary Hof

April 21, 2018

The hike to Mt Prevost April 21 was great. I combined this hike with the Outdoor Club of Victoria, when I saw that so many were signing up, (but I didn’t want to say no to anyone). I asked Ray Billings to help out and it worked out great.

We had 19 people and we split the group.

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El Capitan — Trail Clearning toward Lomas

-Submitted by Matthew Lettington

Recently, the Island Mountain Ramblers purchased a piece of trail-clearing equipment with the help of a grant from the Federation of Mountain Clubs of British Columbia. The club members had a busy summer, and September 25th was the first chance for us to get out as a club and use it.

GPS Route and Map with Photographs

Total Horizontal Distance: 20.8 km
Starting Elevation: 208 m
Maximum Elevation: 1210 m
Total Elevation Gain: 1051 m
Total Time: 7h 5m

 There are a lot of trails in need of maintenance. For our first effort, we chose to clear the Lomas Lake trail. In the summer of 2014, Sherry Durford led a club trip to the lake, and we noted that the trail was slightly overgrown. At the time, we discussed the need for trail maintenance; this was the impetus for us to submit the application for the grant. Our plan was to clear the trail to a point right before the final creek, and then search for a route to the col between Mount Service and El Capitan.

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Heart Lake/Stocking Lake Loop

Seven hikers braved Sunday’s persistent drizzle to hike the Stocking Lake and Heart Lake circuits.  Despite the weather, there were some great views and great company.  Everyone met at Bean Time for a late lunch and warm coffee.  


Lomas Lake

To read his full report check Matthew’s Blog

GPS route with photographs
GPS Route with photographs

Total Distance: 21.9km
Max Elevation: 1189 m
Total Ascent: 1678 m

On Saturday July 5th, six hikers, many members of the Island Mountain Ramblers, rendezvoused in Ladysmith outside Coronation Mall. After fueling up on coffee and meeting with each other we listened to the hiking plan and objectives before  then head toward Youbou. Our first destination was the trailhead located at Cotton Wood Creak East Logging Road.

The day was beautiful, full sun, with only a few white puffy clouds to keep the sun company. The hiking temperature was wonderful, though it was full sun much of the hike was in heavily treed area or in the shadow of the surrounding mountains. Even though the ascent was relatively strenuous the hikers were able to keep their temperatures down.