CPR Trail – Arrowsmith Regional Park

–submitted by Clint Millar

We left from Hwy 4 up the logging road to the TH and made our way up to the lookout. Did the out and back route. Stunning water falls at the bridge, views as we made our way up. When we reached the summit, we were treated to the most beautiful sunny views and enjoyed the inverted cloud views with little to no wind. Being greeted and dive-bombed by whiskey jacks was a highlight as we fed them, and they took it upon themselves to steal what they could of our lunches. The CPR trail is one of my favourites for sure!!

A pretty successful trip for my first time leading!!

Mt. Cokely via CPR Trail (Lifetime Objective)

—submitted by Joseph Mckenna

On a not so typical Wednesday, (August 24, 2022)  four Ramblers trusted me enough to lead an inaugural trip.  The selection was a lifetime objective, Mt. Cokely via the CPR trail. We were blessed with fine weather (although a little warm) and no smoke of any significance. We had a very experienced crew and exchanged some safety information, introductions and started our walk.

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