6th Annual Fall Frolic — Ramble through Linley Valley

–Submitted by Matthew Lettington

The fall hiking season is well underway. The weekend of September 24th there were four events on the Island Mountain Ramblers’ schedule.

Saturday, John Young led a group of 6 Island Mountain Ramblers through Linley Valley.

The day was cool but nothing more than the dew of the early morning graced the hikers as they walked about 5 kilometres along the meandering trails. We visited Cottle Lake and two look outs before making our way back to the cars.

After the hike everyone feasted on the delicious fair brought be each hiker. Conversations ranged from what we were busy doing all summer to which hikes the club may put on in the future.

Linley Valley Fall Frolic

13 adults and two children, joined in on the meandering route through Linely Valley. The route was easy with a small amount of uphill. We left John’s house at 9am and we were back in time for lunch

The potluck created a small feast for everyone! It was great to enjoy the sunny view of Departure Bay and Mt Benson, while we socialized and enjoyed the food. Thank you to John Young for hosting this event, again this year!

Shot from the outlook in Linley Valley