Forbidden Plateau – Ball Lake

October 8th, 2022

~ submitted by John Robertson

A group of 5 people gathered at the Paradise Meadows trailhead. Paper maps were pulled out (guess our median age!) and possible routes were discussed. We sketched out a plan, and headed up past Battleship Lake. The air was cool, but we shed layers of clothing fairly soon, as the hike warmed us. The fall colours glowed in the sun.

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Forbidden Plateau Traverse – Water Hazards May Be Present

~ submitted by Bil Derby

September 30, 2018

This trip received so much interest initially that a second trip running the opposite direction was scheduled and Julianna W graciously agreed to lead the second trip, although she was very quick to call shotgun on the downhill version – somehow predicting the benefit of finishing the day with lakes, rivers and rapids along the trail rather than starting the day against the flow.  By the morning of the trip, partly due to normal attrition and partly (mostly) due to an “inclement forecast” the overall group size shrunk to 9 and we all started from Raven Lodge for a generally downhill ramble to Wood Mountain.

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Forbidden Plateau to Mt. Washington – Sept. 30, 2017

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Wow! What colors! I’ve never been so dazzled by fall colors as I was yesterday on our Island Mountain Ramblers’ hike from Forbidden Plateau to Mt. Washington.

We started our 27 k. hike at 8:20 under cloudy skies, with showers in the forecast We headed up the old ski area, and although going from this end meant we had more elevation gain than starting from Mt. Washington, I was glad we got this part over first, as it wasn’t ‘t scenic at all. Thanks to our leader, John Robertson, for arranging our car shuttles and deciding to start from the old Wood Mountain (Forbidden Plateau) Ski Area.
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Paradise Meadows to Wood Mountain — A long established trail in Strathcona Park

— Submitted by Matthew Lettington

Strathcona Park is loved by many for the diversity in mountaineering it offers. It has something for every type of adventurer: short & long day trips, traditional routes, climbing,  and mountaineering. If one is looking for adventure in the Alpine they can find it here.

Several of the hikers crossing one of the water crossing on the Paradise Meadows to Wood Mountain Route
Hikers crossing crossing a creek  on the Paradise Meadows to Wood Mountain Route

Sunday May 14th I led a group of 9 Island Mountain Ramblers and guests on a long day hike through a portion of Strathcona. We hiked from Paradise Meadows, starting at Raven Lodge through the rolling low alpine meadows, beside many ponds and lakes and lightly treed regions to Wood Mountain, frequently called the Forbidden Plateau.  Paradise Meadows is by far one of the most visited places in the park. It is the launching point for many day hike and multi day adventures. Many hikers will be familiar with the Wood Mountain/Forbidden Plateau Parking Lot as it is the usual launch point for hiking Mount Becher, Boston Ridge, Mount Drabble and more.

Map from Paradise Meadows to Wood Mountain
GPS Route to Wood Mountain with Photographs

Total Distance: 26 km
Total Elevation Gain: 730 m
Total Time: 8 hours

This is my third hike on this route but the first time I appreciated the historic nature of the hike. The hiking club to which I belong, Island Mountain Ramblers, have a lifetime objective hike that I’ve yet to complete, Mount Becher to Mount Jutland and much of the day’s route is included in this section of the trail. I suspect the objective has a lot to do with the fact the trail was the main route to the region of the park where, now, many people adventure to familiar mountains like Mount Albert-Edward.

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