Mount Becher New Years Day Celebration

January 1st, 2024
~ submitted by Greg Deabler

Our New Year’s Day stroll up Becher was thoroughly enjoyed by seven Ramblers: It was +2 at the trailhead with slight traces of snow along the plowlines of the road up and no snow at the parking lot.

Given that there had been rain during the previous week and little fresh snow, we made the decision to leave the snowshoes behind and trust our microspikes. A good decision, the snow was hard and supportive all the way to the summit. No wind and and lots of fog as we ascended and came down served to negate most of the views but made for perfect hiking comfort conditions for the day.

A lingering lunch on top, a few photo shoots involving an igloo constructed by a group who had spent the night, as well as the resident and persistent whiskey jacks made for a nice stop. Headed down at a good pace and arrived back at the cars by 2:15 pm.

A great day with even better company!

Mount Arrowsmith The Nose and Bumps

—submitted by Greg Deabler

In spite of an excellent forecast, we were once again reminded of the vagaries of mountain weather (August 18, 2022).  The gate at the Cameron Connector was opened at 8:00 am and we were heading up the trail toward the Arrowsmith Cokely saddle by 8:45.  The morning fog/cloud persisted, and finally settled in to a dense layer with little visibility by the time we gained the bumps.  There was still enough snow on the steeps to the first bump to warrant our ice-axes, but once the top was attained, we put away the axes and proceeded in close to zero visibility to the base of the Nose.  We got a bit off route on the forth bump, and instead of bypassing the bump summit on the right we ended up on top of the bump.  We couldn’t see the Nose nor col in the grey void, and even though we were within meters of our gpx track, everything looked different with no background landmarks to orient to.

We backed up on our route until we were able to correct our direction.  On the col, we stopped to put on harnesses and made the decision to drag the rope up both pitches since it was a first ascent for Graham and Geoff and would give them the option to follow using the rope.  Although the first pitch is 4th class, there are a couple of exposed moves near the top of the pitch.  It is a nice clean route with solid holds and we arrived at the end of the technical section in one piece and enjoyed a quiet summit, though we weren’t the first for the day on the summit.  A mature marmot was enjoying the day on the far side of the helicopter pad!  A few pics, a bit of lunch and we headed back to the top of the nose to rapel down.

We had just finished our rapels when the heavy cloud cover let loose with a fine rain which lasted across the bumps and most of the way down the saddle trail.  A fine day in spite of a lack of views made better by the fine company.  Thanks to Geoff and Graham for driving up from Victoria and joining me for this timeless classic!

Mount Benson West Ridge

April 2, 2022

~ submitted by Greg Deabler

I always enjoy the west ridge of Benson.  Even on a busy Saturday we didn’t see another soul until the summit. 

We made excellent time, and were on the summit in 2.75 hours by 11:15 am for a quick snack and great views before heading down, taking a leisurely hour getting back down. 

Except for the descent off the summit block there was very little snow left, even in the hollows and drainages on the way up. 

An excellent day with excellent company.

Mount Wesley and Mount Horne

April 7, 2022

~ submitted by Greg Deabler

Trip was posted as both an IMR hike and AVOC hike. 

Snow level was approx 800m, with about 10-15 cm on Wesley Summit, less on Horne. Excellent weather and a good pace.

2.5 hrs to Wesley Summit.  1 hr back to Saddle.  1 hr. to Horne summit, 1.5 hrs back to cars.  6 hrs. travel time. 1050m, 11.2 km

Augerpoint Traverse

July 26 – 29, 2021

~ submitted by Greg Deabler

The forecast for our Monday to Thursday Augerpoint Traverse was superb, and this time the mountain forecast was right on.  We had decided to do the traditional Raven Lodge to Buttle Lake direction, with the standard first day to Circlet Lake, 2nd day over Albert Edward and on to Ruth Masters Lake, with a third day to the tarns at the base of Jack’s Fell with side trips to be determined; both Augerpoint and Sid Watts were on the table.  A leisurely 4th day from the tarns down to the lake to pick up the vehicle left for the return trip to Raven Lodge.

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Augerpoint Traverse

September 10 – 13, 2020

~ submitted by Greg Deabler

John Young led the August rendition of the Augerpoint traverse, but as there were so many people interested, Greg Deabler, a very experienced mountaineer and fairly new Rambler member, was recruited to put on another trip in September.  After cancellations and injuries, the group was down to six, but what a fine mix of six were we!

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Mt. Arrowsmith – Unjudges Route

June 14th, 2020

~ submitted by Greg Deabler

After watching the mountain forecast for Arrowsmith all week, we decided to move our trip up the Unjudges route to Sunday and take advantage of the partial sunshine forecast – haha.  5 of us met at Whiskey Creek and picked up a sixth at the Alberni summit hump.  We dropped a car at the judges route and took 2 cars to the unjudges trailhead.  

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