Juan De Fuca Trail — Multigenerational Hike

–originally published on John’s blog.

The trail’s east end is about 75 kilometres from Victoria and extends from Jordan River to Botanical Beach, near Port Renfrew.

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Our Itinerary

  • March 20 – China Creek to Bear Beach — 9 k, 6 hours
  • March 21 – Bear to Chin Beach – 11 k, almost 8 hours
  • Marh 22 – Chin to Sombrio Beach – 9 k, 6 hours
  • March 23 – Sombrio to Payzant  Beach – 10 k., 7 hours
  • March 24 – Payzant to Botanical Beach Parking Lot – 7 k, 5 hours

We certainly didn’t break any speed records hiking this trail, covering the 47 kilometers in five days, and a total of about  32  hours, including breaks. The mud, downed trees, and bushwhacking slowed us down.

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The Central Walbran Valley — August, 2023

This August, I made two trips to the Central Walbran Valley, on August 2-3 with Chica, and on August 22-24 with three friends, and Chica, naturally. I had been wanting to get into this area for a few years, ever since my friend Rishi raved about it, and I finally did it. And I plan to return! Wow!

The area is jam-packed with hundreds of monumental red cedars, especially in the spectacular “Castle Grove,” which is perhaps the most extensive stand of near record-sized cedars on Earth. (Ancient Forest Alliance)

The road going in, however, is a deterrent, and it degrades appreciably in the last ten kilometres. Slow going, so slow, that I only averaged 22 k an hour for the two hours on the return. 

Slow going or what!

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The reason for the slow progressThese photos were taken going in and returning on my first trip. 

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Wrangling on Nootka Island with the Island Mountain Ramblers

–submitted by John Young; originally published on his blog
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The Elk River Trail– A Great Plan B!


We had originally planned a trip to Flores Island, but with Highway 4 being closed we came up with a Plan B–hike up the Elk River Trail to the second gravel bar camp on Wednesday, Thursday a hike up to Burg Lake and back, and Friday hike out. And what a great alternate hike it turned out to be! Perfect weather, great company, and some beautiful forest and mountain scenery.

Wednesday–A beautiful trail to the second gravel bar camp

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A Flower Feast on the East Sooke Trail

–submitted by John Young

An Island Mountain Ramblers’ Trip

We had two groups, and after meeting at Roche Cove and swapping vehicles, my group drove to Aylard Farm, where we started off at about 9 a.m. A hot day! Even along the ocean, but much cooler in the shade of the trees. We didn’t hurry, and our total time was 7 1/2 hours, but according to my Gaia appears the moving time was only 5 hours 39 minutes. So we revelled in the sights along this beautiful trail for almost two hours!

Starting off from Aylard Farm

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Nile Creek

February 12th, 2023

~ submitted by Ross Burnett

Led by Ross Burnett and John Young; Distance – just under 12 km return; almost 4 hours exactly including our lunch break.

Four IMR members met at the end of Charlton Drive off 19A in Qualicum Bay (or is it Bowser?) to enjoy the full length of Nile Creek up to the waterfalls. Well – not the full length, it would be interesting to see if there is a trail route possible right from the mouth. Of course, there was never any thought of starting at the Inland Highway, as that would be cheating. Plus, it’s about the journey, not the destination, right?

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Rambling Along Nootka Island–May 19-25, 2022

–submitted by John Young, originally posted on his blog

The western shore of Nootka Island has been designated as a Sensitive Area since 2003, with the area providing non-exclusive recreational use of the trail area. It is under the jurisdiction of The Ministry of Forests, Campbell River Forest District. The Ministry does have plans to install outhouses (A.K.A. “Green Thrones”), in dire need during the busier summer months.

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A Mt. Benson Ramble–November 21, 2021

Just enough snow to make it more beautiful, but not so much to make it a laborious hike. We took the trail to the far right of the main parking lot, crossed the creek below the waterfalls, and up to the west ridge. A steep trail at times, but well-marked and with some great views.

Crossing McGarrigle Creek

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A steep trail at times

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