Juan De Fuca Trail — Multigenerational Hike

–originally published on John’s blog.

The trail’s east end is about 75 kilometres from Victoria and extends from Jordan River to Botanical Beach, near Port Renfrew.

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Our Itinerary

  • March 20 – China Creek to Bear Beach — 9 k, 6 hours
  • March 21 – Bear to Chin Beach – 11 k, almost 8 hours
  • Marh 22 – Chin to Sombrio Beach – 9 k, 6 hours
  • March 23 – Sombrio to Payzant  Beach – 10 k., 7 hours
  • March 24 – Payzant to Botanical Beach Parking Lot – 7 k, 5 hours

We certainly didn’t break any speed records hiking this trail, covering the 47 kilometers in five days, and a total of about  32  hours, including breaks. The mud, downed trees, and bushwhacking slowed us down.

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Juan de Fuca Trail

-submitted by Jessica Wilcox

Our trip started out a bit rocky as we had a bit of a miscommunication with meeting places. Port Renfrew has no service so that did not help either! We eventually started the trail in 2 separate groups and managed to find each other within the first 2 kms! It was all smooth sailing from there.

We had great weather and no rain, but the trail still had lots of mud! We also saw our fair share of wild life including bears! Our nights were nice and relaxing as Chloe brought her ukulele which was great around the bonfire! We also met tons of awesome people along the way. It was definitely a great place to spend Canada’s 150th birthday! Everyone brought their Canada day gear/red which got us tons of compliments along the way! couldn’t have asked for a better weekend with a great group of people!