Rappel Workshop

June 25th, 2023

~ submitted by Matthew Lettington

Two members joined me for a half day of hanging out on the rope.

We all learned to tie a few knots, and put themself onto the rappel device. By day’s end each of us was able to get on rappel, set the backup Prussic and rappel down the 30 foot cliff safely. 

Mount Maquilla

July 15th, 2023

~ submitted by Matthew Lettington

Another day in paradise! Our group of eight had a luxurious day on the slopes of Mount Maquilla. 

In June, Jes and Matthew found this easy route up Mount Maquilla. I described the route as minimal bush, and I’ll stand by that statement. The majority of the bush is found on the overgrowing road, but even that has been trimmed over the years. It wasn’t much more than a minor annoyance. 

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Maquilla Peak washed down with Mount Alston

–submitted by Matthew Lettington
In order to make the most of our time on the mountain, I organized a trip to the north island that included visits to two mountains. Both mountains are worth visiting individually, but by combining them into one day trip, we were able to save some money on fuel.
Friday evening Jes and Matthew camped out at the Forest Rec site at Klaklakama Lake. Predawn came even worse than it sounded after a poor night’s sleep (I think too much coffee). It was a short drive to the end of Chuckham Road, and we were hiking to Maquilla by 6:15 am. We parked to 800m, so there was a little more than 1000m to the summit. 
We ventured off the road and up a ridge to an adjoining route that gains the peak via the south ridge. We moved quickly through the light to moderate bush. There was no boot track to guide us but we had great beta provided by another club member – thanks, Eyrn! 
Lower ridge for Maquilla

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–submitted by Brian Fleming
Jack’s Peak – 15.7km, 1345m elevation gain, 7.5 hours.
On May 13th, We started around 7:30am at the trailhead, a yellow gate at 300m elevation.  From there it was a pretty steady climb up the service road.  There was plenty of bear scat and we eventually saw one run across the road.

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East Sooke Park – Coast Trail, return inland route (Lifetime Hiking Objective)

April 2, 2023

~ submitted by Matthew Lettington

What a perfect day on the trail! When I scheduled the trip, I had high hopes for great weather. But, as the day approached, the forecast took a turn for the worst. We all expected a cold, drizzly day, with wet brush and slippery rock. We were in for a treat!

Seven club members met at Alyard Farm for a car shuffle that allowed some participants the luxury of doing the coast trail without the commitment of following the inland route back to the cars. We started our hike shortly after 8 AM. In the dim light of the morning and in the tall trees, we had no idea what would await us when we got to the coast. 

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