2015 Minnas Ridge

–Submitted By Dean Williams

 There were nine of us all told, and the weather was perfect with views down to the Olympic Mts,  Mt Baker, the coast range and of course Vancouver island.  No one was brave enough for a swim this year, but the water was looking a little murky in the bigger tarns. All in all a great fall outing with the club.

Minnas Ridge

Saturday, 13th of September turned out to be an amazing day!

The Ramblers and several guest hikers comprised a group of thirteen for the hike along Minnas Ridge. We ventured out on this sunny day to visit Minnas Ridge, located south of Mt Cokely, Mt Arrowsmith and west of Mt. Moriarty. From the ridge it is easy to see man’s impact on the back country, including roads cutting through the mountainside

GPS Route with Photographic Annotation


Total Horizontal Distance: 10.4 km
 Total Time: 6 hours 30 minutes
Total Elevation Gain: 844 m
Max Elevation: 1431 m
Starting Elevation: 879m

Many of the hikers rendezvoused at Chapters at 730 am with a secondary stop off point at the Whisky Creek Co-op to pick up Dean and Christine. We were on our way to the Cameron Main turnoff, found near the top of the hump on the Alberni Highway (HWY 4)

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