Mount Drabble

October 3rd, 2020

~ submitted by Christine Rivers

After many comings and goings of people on the trip list, all of the waitlist people were also invited and we ended up with 5 of us on the hike.  It was a beautiful, somewhat smoke hazy day.  The road is a bit rough, needing high clearance and 4×4. 

The hike is an easy ramble up and along in the beautiful subalpine to a big cairn at the non-majestic summit.  The views were hazy but we could see Comox glacier, Reese ridge, George V, Frink, Albert Edward, Regan, Jutland and more.

The hike is not long so we took our time, had a snack break and a nice long lunch break at the top.  A good day with good company!

Mount Drabble intermediate snowshoe

— Submitted by Matthew Lettington, read the full report on his blog Boring Art, Boring Life

A long time ago, when people were talking – for the first time – about a certain movie that took place in a galaxy far, far, away, there was an underutilized ski resort on a site which is now commonly referred to as “the old Forbidden Plateau ski hill”…
Bright and early on Sunday, January 10th, we were on the road, questing for adventure in Strathcona Park. Six of us made it to the trailhead for first light. The icy road and parking lot were plowed, making transit easy, but once we parked and exited, John’s truck slid a few inches. We took our first steps up to the proper snow of the old slopes at 8:00 am.

Hiking Mount Drabble, Strathcona Park
The gang rambling the rolling hills, approaching the summit of Mount Drabble
Mount Drabble Map and GPS route

Total Distance: 17.9
Starting Elevation: 713 m
Maximum Elevation: 1364 m
Elevation Gain: 1155 m
Time: 8 hours 15 min