Mt Grey : Under the Atomic Sky

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Back in January 2017, I was part of a group that Phil led to summit Mount Grey. That trip failed because of poor route-finding choices, less-than-amazing snow conditions, and a short winter day, but it left us wanting for this summit. It wasn’t again until August 6 2017, that we mustered the energy to make the next attempt. The warm conditions, long days, and the snow-free route made for excellent conditions for another attempt on this short summit. It was a trip where  we moved through nearly every type of environment to be found on Vancouver Island’s mountain terrain: logging road; logging slash; loose rock; open old-growth; bluffy rock faces; very bushy low-alpine; and beautiful alpine meadows. It was a hot, dry day and by most estimations, the conditions should have yielded bluebird skies and a fantastic day in the mountains. We summited but we paid the price in blood, sweat, and smoke-filled lungs.

hiking to Mount Grey on Vancouver Island
I marvelled at these lakes for a long time. Perhaps in a few years, I’ll be back to visit these lakes.

Total Distance: 5.7 km
Starting Elevation: 699 m
Maximum Elevation: 1393 m
Total Elevation gain: 852 m
Total Time: 6 hours, 10 minutes
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