Mount Hayes, Christie Falls, Camas Ridge

March 30, 2024

~ submitted by John Robertson

Seven Ramblers connected at the trailhead. Some were old hands and some were new to the club. We started out on time, gradually making our way up the mountain in the near-perfect conditions. We paused for views as we encountered them, benefiting from the excellent visibility.

Conversations waxed and waned as the path became more moderate or more steep. A snack at the summit, then the descent to Christie Falls (approached from the “other” side), and another snack.

Then more descent, and a climb up onto Camas ridge. The Camas were out, but not yet blooming. Another snack (one can’t have too many) then off the ridge, and a bit of a wander in the woods below.

Back to the cars on time, and satisfied with he morning, we bid each other goodbye until the next adventure.