Klitsa Mountain

— Submitted by John Young
Had perfect weather for the June 20th Klitsa Mountain Hike, although the road couldn’t have been any dustier! Our three 4×4’s made it up as far as we could go on the old spur off of Nahmint Main, and our group of 9 started hiking at 9:40. After 1/2 hour walking up the washed-out road, we then entered the old growth on the Brook George trail. A beautiful walk through the forest, and then broke out of the trees after another 1/2 hour, and soon we had views of surrounding peaks, valleys, and lakes. We meandered our way up, reaching the summit about 1:40, where we sighted a ptarmigan. After a leisurely lunch, we started down, and spotted a grouse and chick, and reached the cars about 5 p.m. Great outing!