Mount Tzouhalem

–submitted by Mary Hof

December 20th turned out to be an awesome day for a hike. Thanks to those that ventured from Nanaimo and Victoria to join in.

We started at Kaspa Rd trailhead and hiked some trails then got onto the AWESOME trail, and that it was,  with great views and a bench to sit on. We then took Field of Dreams to the far end and came on the Ridge trail, with great views. We had lunch in the sun and ventured our way back coming along side the Flower Reserve where only in a few months the flowers will be blooming.

Thank you for the wonderful people that joined in this hike. The hike was 10.5 km with 700m elevation gain

Mt Tzouhalem Traverse

~submitted by Mary Hof

December 30, 2018

Six of us met at Providence Farm for a short car shuttle for our hike across the Tzouhalem ridge. Started with winter jackets but soon we were just down to shirts.  The views were beautiful, not many trees down, and the company great. Three were members and three were from my hiking club from Cowichan.  A wonderful day to be out.

Mount Tzouhalem, Muni trail off Neville Drive

–submitted by Mary Hof

What a day for a hike, 4 us started from the Muni trail off Neville drive for( Mt Tzouhalem). I am not familiar from that area, so I bet we took in trails that took us all over the place, but I did make it to the Awesome trail but came out much lower down then the bench. We then did Field of Dreams then the summit of Tzouhalem then to the cross and made our way to the Muni trail and back to the cars. 4 hours, 14km. Great views and great people. I know this hike was late notice, only on the schedule couple days. FB page is also nice as some saw it there.


Mount Tzouhalem

–submitted by Jamai Schile

Perfect weather for a wonder! A little breezy at the Cross, but trail generally sheltered as we navigated our way from the Ecological Reserve, Cross look out to Mad Dog Bench look out. From the Bench, the group decided the weather was to fine to miss and the housework would wait. We decided to extend the hike by following Cyclops until it linked up with Field of Dreams and the return trail Old M/L bringing us out again onto T-Road and the parking area.

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Mount Tzouhalem Fall Hike from Genoa Bay

–submitted by Matthew Lettington; 

–photographs by Brian Parsons

Light gray clouds hung low in the Saturday morning sky as four Island Mountain Ramblers set out on the day’s journey : summit Mount Tzouhalem from Genoa Bay. Matthew carried 3-year-old Hemingway on his back as he led the two newest Island Mountain Ramblers on their hike across the south facing slopes, toward the beautiful summit ridge.

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