Family Day weekend adventure to Stowe Peak.

–submitted by Matthew Lettington
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Is there a difference between hiking and camping for three days, versus doing three hikes in three days? It sure feels like there is. For Family Day weekend 2016, I ventured out on three day-trips, each with a different group of friends. The first trip was a beginner/family snowshoe around Lake Helen Mackenzie; the second, an intermediate snowshoe to the summit of Mount Allan Brooks. The final trip, and the topic of this post, is a more serious hike ascending majestic Stowe Peak.

Walking in the circ below Stowe Peak, Prince of Whales Range on Vancouver Island
A group of two men descending from the Stowe-H’kusam Col

Stowe Peak is located in the Prince of Wales Range, which lies between Campbell River and Sayward. Geographically, this range is unique as compared to the south island. The mountains erupt on the edge of the Johnstone Strait, in some cases towering right out of the sea, and quickly rise to elevations greater than 1500 metres.

Read the full report on his blog Boring Art, Boring Life