Keeha Bay & Meeting my Hero

–Submitted by Matthew Lettington

Hemingway assisting in raising the tent at Keeha Bay
Hemingway assisting in raising the tent at Keeha Bay

Victoria Day, May long weekend, or May-long, no matter which you call it it’s one of the best weekends for camping! It hardly matters if it rains or shines, its a symbol of transition out of the long wet winter and spring to the long awaited  summer. The past few years I have marked this transition by hitting the beaches of Vancouver Island, hiking the plethora of coastal hikes available to us.

This year, I led a a group of Island Mountain Ramblers and my family, nine people in total to the aggregate sand beach of Keeha Bay. Located in the Pacific Rim National Park. Keeha Bay is near to the northern trailhead for the West Coast Trail, close to Pacheena Bay. Unlike the West Coast Trail, the Keeha Bay Trail receives very little official maintenance, has very little elevation gain and is one of the shortest trail hikes to the gorgeous beach, which is not often visited. Sounds pretty amazing right!? Wrong! In actual fact the trail is the muddiest I’ve ever hiked and has a large number of technical challenges that make the short distance a lengthy to hike.

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