Mount Richards

–submitted by Mary Hof

Well it was to be the Sooke Hills with 10 people plus 3 others from Cowichan. The day of the hike it was Mt. Richards with 2 Ramblers and 3 other friends. I don’t blame anyone for canceling in the wet forecasted weather report for sure, I myself do not like hiking in rain. I must say 50 emails later of either people canceling or adding their name is a bit of a comedy. I changed it to Mt. Richards as Duncan was mid way between Victoria and Nanaimo. I want to thank Danial for braving the weather and coming out from Nanaimo. As it turned out we got no rain, and we had a wonderful hike. I did a different route from what Danial did before and he was very pleased. 

Mary Hof



Sooke Hills – Mary’s Peak

July 10th, 2021

~ submitted by Mary Hof

It was a hot day to hike 16km, 850m elevation gain in the Sooke Hills Saturday, July 10th. Lead the hike for Island Mountain Ramblers and the Outdoor Club of Victoria.

We hiked from Charters River fish hatchery up Monument Mountain, had a well-deserved snack, and then headed to Grassy Lake, where the lilies were a spectacular sight. A quick break here and off to Mary’s Peak, 3 hours from when we started. A well-deserved lunch and I told them how I got a name on the map. I told them many years ago there was not much of a trail there, and at a difficult time in my life, I found peace there never seeing anyone there. After few times of going there, I mentioned to a few people how I just felt so good here, and the next thing I knew Mary’s Peak was on Open Street Map.

I have led many groups up here, and each time I am here a feeling of happiness comes to me, and I think everyone on the hike shared that happiness with me today.

After some pictures, we hiked back to Grassy Lake and heading down the Grassy Lake Trail back to our vehicle. It took us 6 hours.

It was good to share the day with so many that have never hiked here before, some that came from quite the distance. I have been leading hikes for over 25 years and I am always thankful to show people the beauty in every hike I lead.

Sooke Hills- Mary’s Peak

~ submitted by Mary Hof

May 27, 2018

May 27th was a good day for a hike.  Seven of us started off at Charters Creek (Sooke) and headed up to Grassy Lake. The lake was beautiful, after a snack we headed up to Mary’s Peak. The views were beautiful. After a lunch break we came down, headed toward Grassy Lake again, then turned off and headed to Monument. Reaching Monument we came down the slippery trail from bikers and headed back to Charters Creek. Total km 16.5k and 752m elevation gain. Hike took just under 6 hours. A wonderful day, with wonderful people.