Rappel Workshop: Kids on the line

–submitted by Matthew Lettington
–photography by Jes Garceau and Matthew Lettington


On Saturday, four of us braved the heat to learn the basics of rappelling.

The most challenging aspect of the day turned out to be dealing with the heat! The kids had a hard time managing their temperatures, but we were happy to take breaks in the shade of the Gary oak trees as needed.

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Rappel Workshop

September 11, 2019

~ submitted by Matthew Lettington

That moment when you stand on the end of a cliff, a rope both ahead of you and dangling over the cliff, when you make the conscious decision to step over the edge is the hardest.  If it’s your first time or the 100th time rappelling down a rock face, it’s a thrilling feeling. 

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Rappel Workshop

We all congregated in the parking lot of Pipers Lagoon at 6pm. The sky was dark, threatening rain. But we were lucky and avoided any moisture. The cool air made us eager to get active and get our gear on.

We covered the basics needed for rappelling safely. We started tied to the bench and worked our way up to the small ledge, rappeling safely off the tree. To top everything off we set a line down the face into the cove, at Pippers Lagoon. I think a few folks were very nervous when we started the evening but by the end of the night, everyone was very confident in their own abilities. Three cheers for teamwork. We hope to host another event soon, likely focusing on belay technique to do some top roping at the local crags.