Troubleshooting tips for completing FMCBC waiver

Email validator doesn’t arrive:

This is a common issue for those that use and @telus addresses. If your email isn’t receiving the code, create a Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo account and try again.

The waiver completes but your signature doesn’t appear on the completed form:

    1. Delete your browser history and cached files
    2. Try another internet browser. Outdated browsers and browser extensions can cause problems with the form submission. Whichever browser you are using try another. (Chrome, Firefox, etc)
    3. Wait a few hours and try again

Printable Waiver

If all else fails and you give up on the elctronic waiver,  print and complete the paper waiver.

Completing the paper waiver requires the following:

    • a printed page with strong black ink, no fading
    • our club name at the top of the page
    • a signature on the top of the first page
    • club name in the first paragraph
    • member’s printed name on the bottom of the second page
    • member’s signature on the bottom of the second page
    • date the member signed
    • witness’ printed name
    • witness’ signature
    • date the witness signed

Documenting the paper waiver:

Complete the paper waiver and create a high-quality, well-lit photograph of the waiver.

The waiver:

  • should fill 95% or more of the frame without cropping edges
  • be clear (not blurry)

Sending the waiver

  • send your images to imrmemberships(at_symbol)
  • attach the full-sized images to your email. If the images cannot be printed on 8.5″x11″ sheet of paper they will be refused.