Event Date: 07/08/2017
End Date: 07/09/2017
Location: Strathcona Wilderness Institute (to the left of Raven Lodge)
Max of Participants: 7

This two-day course is designed to teach you the skills needed to navigate through terrain, including off-trail. No previous map reading or compass experience required.

Mike Blake Guiding offered the club a special rate because we are booking all seven spaces. To make it even more affordable the IMR is subsidising this rate!


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Event Organizer: Silvie-Marie Fortin
E-mail: treasurer@islandmountainramblers.com
Phone Number (250) 797-5388

Day 1- Saturday, July 8, 2017

Route Planning
• Objectives
• Hazards
• Alternative plans
Map Basics
• Types of maps
• Scale
• Legends
• Colour codes
• Contour lines
• Grid references
• Coordinate systems
Compass Basics
• Compass parts
• Declination adjustments
• Bearings
Route Finding
• Terrain management
• Avoiding hazards
Navigation with Map and Compass
• Using a map in the field
• Recognizing terrain features
• Determining position
• Operating a compass
• Taking a bearing in the field
Additional Navigation Tools
• Altimeter

Day 2 – Sunday, July 9, 2017

Advanced Route Planning
• Digital mapping tools
• CalTopo
• Google Earth Pro
• Geospatial PDFs
• Super overlays
• Plotting markers and lines
• Route cards
Advanced Techniques
• Advanced compass operation
• Intermediate objectives
• Back bearings
• Navigating around obstacles
• Advanced GPS operation
• Whiteout and nighttime navigation
• Natural navigator
Required supplies:
• Map (92F/11)
• Compass with declination adjustment
• Notebook
• Pencil
• Personal hiking gear
• Snacks & drinks
Optional supplies:
• GPS (dedicated or smartphone)
• Smartphone GPS apps
• Altimeter watch

Recommended reading:

Burns B. & M. Wilderness Navigation: Finding Your Way Using Map, Compass, Altimeter, & GPS. 3rd ed. Mountaineers Books. 2015. www.mountaineersbooks.org

About Mike Blake:

Mike lives and breathes every day with a high-spirited love of the outdoors. He’s always eager to share his passion and enthusiasm with everyone around him. Following the seasons, Mike enjoys trekking across the spectacular world-class park systems of Western Canada and the USA. He has a particular interest in the regions’ diverse wildlife, geography and history. Since 1995, he’s called Vancouver Island home.

Mike is a certified ACMG guide. He specializes in life-changing hiking and backpacking trips on Vancouver Island. Mike combines his technical expertise with wilderness education and natural interpretation. He delivers his outdoor knowledge in fun and entertaining ways, and loves to share his philosophy of a lightweight lifestyle on and off the trail.