Course: Wilderness Navigation, GPS, and Digital Trip Planning

****Update February 10, Sold Out***

Update March 15, This event is postponed. We are working out a new date that works for the teacher and the facility. At this point it’s looking like we will host in the fall. We will contact the participants through email, next week, when details are confirmed. 

The Island Mountain Ramblers is hosting MB Guiding for a two-day course that combines two of their most popular courses: Wilderness Navigation 1 and Digital Trip Planning & GPS Navigation.

These courses offer essential skills related to travel in the backcountry. You will learn the basics of navigating with map and compass, how to use your GPS, and how to use a variety of online resources to plan your trips.


We have secured a great rate from MB Guiding and further reduced the fee through our fundraising efforts. We are happy to offer our members this course bundle for the combined rate of only $80. MB Guiding’s normal rate for these courses is $199 per person.

Dates: April 4 & 5, 2020
Time: 8:30 – 4:30
IMR member $80; non-member $120 (registration for non-members opens  March 22, 2020)
Location: 709 Nanaimo Lks Road (205 Collishaw Squadron RCA Cadets 205  Building) in Nanaimo
Equipment: Compass, GPS

205 Squadron Air Cadets Building

Register Online:

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Course Curriculum:

Wilderness Navigation 1

Route Planning
• Objectives
• Hazards
• Alternative plans

Map Basics
• Types of maps
• Scale
• Legends
• Colour codes
• Contour lines
• Terrain features
• Grid references
• Coordinate systems

Compass Basics
• Parts
• Declination
• Bearings

Route Finding
• Terrain management
• Macro-terrain vs micro-terrain
• On-trail vs off-trail
• Avoiding hazards

Navigation with Map and Compass
• Using a map in the field
• Recognizing terrain features
• Determining position
• Operating a compass
• Taking a bearing in the field

Additional Navigation Tools
• Altimeter
• Smartphone apps

Digital Trip Planning & GPS Navigation

Digital Trip Planning
• Online mapping tools
• CalTopo
• Google Earth
• Super overlays
• Geospatial PDFs
• Plotting markers and lines
• Plotting routes
• Creating custom maps
• Printing custom maps
• Transferring data

GPS Navigation
• Smartphone vs dedicated GPS
• Accuracy issues and solutions
• Power issues and solutions
• Setting waypoints
• Recording tracks
• Navigating to a location
• Smartphone GPS apps
• Gaia GPS
• Avenza Maps
• Peakfinder

**This course does not qualify for the Education Rebate as it is already subsidized by the club.